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Our engineering services are open to the general public, from design, prototyping, structural analysis, fluid analysis to reach its manufacture. we have a network of trained engineers with the necessary experience for the development of your project.

CAD Designs

In industrial and product design, cad is used mainly for modeling 3d surface or solid, or drawings of physical components based on 2d vectors. however, cad is also used in the engineering process from conceptual design and layout to the product, through strength and dynamic analysis of assemblies to definition of manufacturing methods.


CAE Analysis

Cae systems are considered individual nodes in the entire network, and each node can interact with another. these play a role in the finite element method, which uses the existing model geometry to build a network node along it. so, this is used to determine how they play, based on the introduction of parameters that the piece will experience in the real world. the following parameters are frequently used in mechanical engineering for cae simulations: temperature, pressure, interactions of the components and applied forces.


CAM Manufacturing

It is based on the use of computer applications to define manufacturing plans for the design of tools, computer-aided design (cad) for model preparation, nc programming, programming of inspection measuring machine (cmm), simulation machine tools or post-processing.




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